A Little About Us

Michelle Witt


I decided that I needed to start off the business blog by explaining a little bit about who we are and what we do.  

I am Michelle Witt.  I am 43 years old and I work at home.  I am a medical transcriptionist by trade.  I have done this for approximately 16 years overall with the last 14 years being done at home.  My industry has definitely changed over the years and I long to do something different that I love.

My husband is Dave and we met approximately 4 years ago and were married last year in July of 2016.  I was single having been divorced for about 11 years prior to meeting him.  Dating as a single mom had its definite challenges and I am so thankful that I finally find my soulmate.

I am a mom and stepmom.  My son, Dylan, is 18.  I was a single mom for many years and spent those years following him around in many sports.  He was always very active in sports until just a few years ago.  Dave has three sons.  The oldest is also Dylan, age 22.  His middle son Jacob is soon to be 19 and the youngest is Grayson, age 12.  

Grayson lives here with us.  My son lives about 20 minutes away right now learning to make his own way.  The other two sons live approximately 3 hours away from us.  

My family all lives pretty much in the direct area where we live and Dave's family is in Cisco, three hours away.  

We also have two fur babies.  Snickers is about 12 years old and is a Yorkshire terrier and Bandit is 5 years old and is a Welsh corgi.  They are both spoiled rotten and are treated just like part of the family.

I have always been somewhat interested in crafting and being creative but just never really took the time to put that into action other than using my computer skills.  A couple of years ago I got a Cricut machine after being involved in a vinyl direct sales company and then seeing my mother-in-law's older Cricut she used for scrapbooking.  I began researching and learning.  I purchased my Cricut and it sat for a while with the box completely unopened.  I finally began by making car window ribbons for a little girl I know who has a rare disease.  I later began using it off and on and I put it to great use in making things for our wedding.  I began buying blank items here and there that I could gift and possibly sell one day.  Last year I slowly started selling a few things here and there mostly just when people requested me to.  This year I got a heat press and slowly began making shirts and things for friends and family and I am slowly growing from there.

My husband is great with woodworking so he has made some sign bases and things like that for me in the past.  I also order signs sometimes.  Last year I made a lot of personal things like ornaments and this year my shirt business along with miscellaneous other items have really started taking off.  

I have an Etsy shop but I created this site as an option to sell more items and not rely solely on Etsy.  This site also allows me to sell items that are not homemade to supplement those homemade items I and we make.  This holiday season was a very successful one and we hope to grow from there.  I can take custom orders.  I can make items that are inspired but images you see and I also am working on creating more of my own original designs.

I thank you for taking the time to check us out and we will be expanding more and more all the time.  Look for a new post soon outlining some of our plans for 2018.   I will use this blog post to concentrate on things that are craft related and/or pertain to our craft business.  I have another blog that is personal over at that is more about mental health, product reviews, parenting and more!  

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