Business Update For The Week

Michelle Witt


I just wanted to make a quick update.  

Life has been super busy business wise and personal.  I have added some new designs or old designs now added to the Etsy shop and will soon get them added here as well.  I always add to Etsy first since I get more traffic and sales from it right now.  I will continue to add more shirts, baby items and more as time goes by and I get time to do the mockups and listings.  I have also started working on more digital items.  Don't forget if you never invitations and things like that designed to let me know.

My full time job has been a bit slow so I have been using that down time to organize computer files.  I have a lot of fonts and graphics to work with but I am trying to get organized first.

Tumblers will be coming very soon.  There are many things we can do with tumblers.  We can glitter them, paint them, alcohol ink them and even put pictures on them.  One other thing we plan to do is some comic book ones.  They will all be sealed with epoxy giving it a long lasting effect and a shiny look. First we will over 20 oz and then 30 oz.  Coming probably next month we will begin offering wine tumblers, beer mugs and more!  

We will also be working on many more items such as banks, light boxes, etc.  We are working hard to get ready to start selling at trade shows and will be possibly doing McKinney Trade Days.  We cannot wait to show you more of our offerings very soon and thanks always!

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