Exciting March News!

Michelle Witt

Sorry we have not updated in a while.  We went through some sickness for a few weeks but we have been busy behind the scenes.

I have added a lot more listings to the Etsy shop due to requests and added most of them here now also.  Many more Paw Patrol designs for various family members.  I had a request for Cousin and God Mom so those will be listed very soon as well.  

I have a lot more shirt designs to get ready to post and many more designs in mind I am working on putting to reality and posting.   I thank everyone for your continued support for that.  Our Etsy shop is booming and our orders from friends and family is also booming and we thank you!

We are trying to make enough various items up to start doing trade days and shows in the near future.  I have been painting wood for signs.  We have cups sitting here waiting to be finished so we will offer tumblers very soon after we get the process down how we want it.  We use paint, glitter and even fabric and comic books.  We will begin posting those very soon and will start taking special requests as we get more comfortable.  This is something that Dave and I along with Grayson some have been working on together.  We currently have some low ball 10 oz which are great for kids.  We have some 20 oz ones and a few 40 oz and maybe 4 30 oz.  We have a huge order from the main stainless steel tumbler supplier coming with many 30 oz size.  We were only able to order one beer stein as they were low but we have that coming and a couple of other ones to try.  

I have more wood and some glitter arriving Wednesday along with that tumbler order.

Today I got in the leggings I ordered which are the buttery soft kind.  I will be posting the remainder of what I have hopefully tonight  You are able to choose shipping or local pickup.  You can pick them up here from us or meet us in Gainesville or Sherman when we are there.  We will not make special trips but as we do business there at least a few times a week we can try to make arrangements.

I will also be adding some jewelry I purchased as well as some jewelry soon that I will be making.  

Our hat press is on its way so soon we will start offering hats.  I have some hats here that we will try out the various media we have to see how they all work.

This is our update today.  We have lots of new and exciting things coming your way so bear with us.  I hope everyone has a blessed week!

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