Brylie Strong

These are items for Brylie Krapf-Flynn.  

She is battling a rare terminal mitochondrial disease.  Items from this collection give back to her and her family.  You can also donate to them at the link in our shop announcement header.  Here is the wording from the recent article from KXII television station.

VAN ALSTYNE, Tex. (KXII) - A nine-year-old Van Alstyne girl is finally heading home after spending 103 days in Dallas hospitals battling a rare terminal mitochondrial disease.

For the past few weeks, her family and the community have been working tirelessly to remodel her and her mother's home.

"We started maybe two weeks ago," said Brylie's aunt Melanie Flynn. "We have been completely renovating, cleaning, making it accessible for her."

Brylie Krapf-Flynn was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Myopathy, Encephalopathy, Lactic acidosis, and Stroke (MELAS) Syndrome. In August 2017, Brylie had a massive stroke. She's been in a Dallas hospital and rehab center ever since, and last week doctors informed mother Brandi Flynn they could no longer help.

"I spend every moment trying to make her smile," Brandi Flynn told KXII.

Brandi Flynn has spent the entire time at Brylie's side. While she's been gone, the community has been hard at work, installing a wheelchair ramp, new medicine cabinet, remodeling the floors and painting.

"Of course I haven't seen my home yet," Brandi Flynn said, "It's all a surprise."

Now, everyone is counting down the hours to her return.

"She'd give me a hug," said Melanie Flynn, "It's like she reached into your soul and gave you a hug from the inside out."

"She gives me the strength I need to push through every day," mother Brandi said.