Devlyn Hall #76STRONG

This is the collection for the fundraiser for Devlyn Hall to help the family with medical expenses!  Items may be paid for also via Paypal invoice or payment over the phone processed also through Paypal.  Items can be mailed or you may choose in person at checkout.  In person orders need to be picked up in Whitesboro or I can arrange some pickup times in Gainesville.  Cash payments can be made by other arrangements by contacting me.  903-651-9360 is my cell and texts are fine.

Update from his mom:  He recently had a virus attack his heart. The virus is gone, but we're now dealing with damage to his heart. Currently, his left ventricle is only working 24%, he's been diagnosed with Ventricular Tachycardia (When his heart rate is up his heart actually appears to be shaking due to the lower portion of heart not able to squeeze as needed), Arrythmias/irregular heartbeats, and Dilated Cardiomyopathy. He is now on 3 heart medications daily. He has not only a Cardiology Team, but a Heart Failure Team at Children's Hospital in Dallas. We have already and will frequently visit. Dev has already spent several days over the last couple weeks hospitalized. Currently, all heart procedures/surgeries on hold to give heart time to heal. So the Heart design represents what he's fighting and he is full of love. #76STRONGrepresents his Leopard football # and he is STRONG mentally & physically! God is good and he is working on Dev. Dev is a fighter and we believe with everyone's continuous prayers you will see a miracle. Dev's determined to prove Dr's wrong. #76STRONG